The Mobile Farmer's Market
The Heart of our Mission

Gemma's Angels Mobile Farm Market program has been the mainstay of our mission since our inception.  Through our partnerships, we are able to provide fresh, local food to the working poor, the poor and the homeless across Dauphin and Lebanon Counties, contributing to health and wellness [...]

Our $10-for-Good Campaign
How would your wallet look $10 poorer?

Think about how your wallet would look if you were $10 poorer - you probably wouldn't even notice it, right? This puts you in approximately the top 15 percent of the world's population by wealth, and means you're in the lucky position to be able to help others fairly easily. Will you help us meet our goal? [...]

Come Volunteer
With Us

For Memories of a Lifetime

Volunteers are the lifeblood of any non-profit organization and Gemma's Angels is no exception. Dedicated volunteers are essential to the ongoing success of our programs and we offer many volunteer opportunities for those who want to “give back” to the community, grow personally and help build a better society [...]