Gemma's Angels Reverse Food Truck

Gemma’s Angels Reverse Food Truck will be at Harrisburg’s Ice & Fire Festival on Saturday, March 2nd from 1 PM to 9 PM! Stop in, say hello and drop off a donation of fresh produce. Donations will be distributed to soup kitchens and shelters in the City of Harrisburg.

The vehicle above is an artist's rendering of our Mobile Farmer's Market/All-Kids Mobile Farmer's Market

You've seen the now popular food trucks all over the U.S. serving up delicious food. But there's a new trend called Reverse Food Trucking and we love to be trendy!

We don’t make food. We take food.
— Gemma's Angels Reverse Food Truck
Derry Township resident Marie Sirkot along with her trusty pal visited the Reverse Food Truck at Hershey New Year's Eve Celebration and dropped off a large bunch of beautiful fruit!

Derry Township resident Marie Sirkot along with her trusty pal visited the Reverse Food Truck at Hershey New Year's Eve Celebration and dropped off a large bunch of beautiful fruit!

Rather than serving food, our food truck does the opposite. It accepts food donations. Think of it as a food shelf on wheels. The Reverse Food Truck furthers our mission to put hunger, so to speak, in the rear view mirror.

Our new vehicle--a renovated 2009 Champion shuttle bus on a Ford truck chassis from the Rohrer Bus Company--will serve double duty as a Reverse Food Truck.

How Does It Work?

We show up at any event where there's people. The more people the better. It could be any community event such as a race, a fair, a festival, a sporting event--anything. The idea is that we give folks enough notice so that they will bring along some type of fresh produce. Typically, a good donation would be a bag of oranges, potatoes, onions, apples--any fresh produce! After all, fresh produce is what we are all about!

If folks want to hand us a check or some cash--we're just fine with that! Any monetary donations will go to purchase fresh produce or to fund our operation. If you have an event and wish to see donations to go to a certain food bank or agency in our two-county region (Dauphin & Lebanon), we're just fine with that. 


If you’re hosting an event or want to have a food drive at your place of business, please reach out. Barring any scheduling conflicts or traffic jams, we’ll do our best to help out. In order to be considered for the Reverse Food Truck to attend your event we must receive the complete the request form below four(4) weeks before the event.

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Give us details about your event i.e. location, type of event, etc.


We are always looking for volunteers to work and drive the truck (no special license required). To drive, you must be at least 25 with a clean operator's license history. Volunteers must be age 18 but can be under age 18 if accompanied by someone age 18. Kids under age 15 can be accompanied by a parent. We welcome families to our volunteer family! Click here to register as a volunteer.

If you are interested in driving, please call Gemma's Angels President Mike Macchioni at 717-686-7503 or Jim Goldman, Mobile Market Coordinator at 717 678-2449. We will need you to text us an image of both sides of your PA operator's license of a scan thereof.


Donations of fresh produce or other food goes to our network of agency partners in our two-county region. If should wish to designate a soup kitchen, food bank or shelter in the area, please let us know and we'll be happy to accommodate your request.


Tell the world (okay, your friends and family and THEIR friends) on social media all about Gemma's Angels and our Reverse Food Truck. We need places to go and donations, both of fresh produce and monetary donations. After all, it takes gas, maintenance and insurance to operate the vehicle.

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