Farmer Andy

Farmer Andy

The Farmer Andrea & Andy Project

The Farmer Andrea & Andy Project is an educational program for at-risk children and families designed to generate enthusiasm for eating fresh fruits and vegetables and to teach sustainability. This would include:

Farmer Andrea

Farmer Andrea

  • Develop materials and/or locating sources for materials (pamphlets, flyers and handouts) on the advantages of eating fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Develop a “Pledge” card that kids could sign that asks them to eat five fruits and vegetables a day
  • Design a tent or a backdrop to be used at various health fairs and family events. The booth would be colorful, fanciful, appealing to children and would include photos of fruits and vegetables
  • Work with a costumed character manufacture for the purchase and development of a “Andrea and Andy the Farmer” characters to encourage children to eat fresh fruits and vegetables and develop a market program surrounding said character
  • Develop a merchandising/marketing program involving the above characters to include plush, stickers, coloring books, bookmarks, pencils and other similar items that are to be given to children attending community events, health fairs and at school and class functions. We also intend to work with area food banks to have our volunteers and costumed characters during times when families have their children at those facilities.
  • The mascots will visit/attend community events, summer day camps, health fairs and at school events, etc. and will also escort, when available, our Truck Farm Trailer visits.
  • Develop a program for several levels for children (pre-K, K-3 and 4 and up) on nutrition/sustainability/food education curriculum for our future Truck Farm program following the guidelines as set forth at

If you or your organization/agency or business is interested in becoming involved with this project, please let us know!

About Women Farmers

According to the United Nation's International Fund for Agricultural Development, half of all of the earth's farmers are women. As such, they produce more than half of the world's food, according to World Watch. Yet, it is estimated that 805 million people are still struggling with hunger. But that figure could be significantly reduced if female farmers just had the same rights as their male counterparts.

Now that more men in rural areas are taking jobs in cities, women have taken an increasing role in farming. Yet, women farmers are often deprived of such basic rights as land ownership, which keeps them from producing to their full potential.

The situation is so uneven, in fact, that if male and female farmers had equal access to resources, food output would increase to a point that it could pull 100 to 150 million people out of hunger, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the U.N. (FAO) concluded in a report released in 2011.

Part of the Farmer Andrea & Andy Project is to teach young girls the value of women in farming and agriculture.

North by Northwest and the Female Farmer Project present a story that is long overdue to be told. In the fields and barns across America are the stories of farmers — the talented, tenacious stewards of the land who have grown our food for generations. But while agriculture is the foundation of our civilization and the backbone of our nation, the story has only been half-told. This documentary will tell the full story of our farm women of the past, present and future. For more information, visit