Welcome to A&A Farm--Just for Kids!

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Say hello to our official mascots, Farmer Andy and Andrea!

The A&A Farm Project, named after our mascots, Farmer Andy & Andrea, was developed to encourage kids to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. In the future, we plan for them to visit schools, day cares and summer camps and makes appearances when we are at our community outreach events. And--by the way--you'll soon see a Farmer Andrea on the farm too! There's no reason why women can't be farmers too!

What is the A&A Farm All About?

The second and equally important half of Gemma's Angels mission is to "Inspire children and families to make healthier food choices, increasing their access to fresh, local food and teach them to live more sustainably. "

Say Hello to Sparky the Hunger Hero Dog!

Say Hello to Sparky the Hunger Hero Dog!

In today's day and age, at-risk means practically everyone! Increasing children's consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables can be tough work, especially for parents. That's why we have built this section of our website to give you and your children positive messages about fresh produce to not only encourage consumption but to get families working together.

One method that has been found to work at schools is to place salad bars in schools. To date, salad bars have been donated to 4,000 schools nationwide benefitting more than 2 million students every day. "LMSB2S" is a strategic initiative of the United Fresh Start Foundation and complements their nutrition policy goal to increase children access and consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables. 

School salad bars increase student’s fruit and vegetable consumption, introduce them to a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables and help them develop healthier eating habits. Salad bars are an easy way for schools to meet the new school lunch nutrition standards, which double the amount of fruits and vegetable served daily, emphasize a colorful variety, and require students to take at least a ½ cup serving of fruit or vegetable at lunch.

Super Sprowtz: A New Way of Thinking

Colby the Carrot of Sprowtz fame

Colby the Carrot of Sprowtz fame

There's an new, innovative program based in New York that began as a result of a study the organization conducted at Cornell University. The study looked at how children reacted to the use of engaging, colorful media around a school's salad bar and measured their increase intake of fruit and vegetables. The result was an astounding 250%!

The mission of Super SprowtzOur is to the educational power of media to help children learn about nutrition and wellness. Their program integrates a proven curriculum that addresses children’s critical developmental needs around nutrition education with an exciting multi-media approach. Their ultimate goal is to make it fun for the whole family! Check out one of their many videos below and you can also go to their website to purchase their many materials (and awesome puppets).

Our plans are to integrate their program into our own educational programs for kids.

See more at: http://supersprowtz.com

What's On the A&A Farm?


On the Farm, there is a variety of puzzles, games, coloring pages for your child to enjoy which will encourage their interest in fresh fruit and vegetables. There's also a recipe section from the PACK program which is a collaboration between Welch's and Produce for Better Health Foundation (PBHF) of Delaware. We are licensed by the foundation to use their materials and logos. You can find the Foundation for Better Health's logo on many fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables in your supermarket. Enjoy!

For more info, go to www.paveggies.org

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