HersheyPark Volunteer Information

The following is information for Gemma's Angels volunteers working at HersheyPark. The information is extensive and should answer just about every question you may have. If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to call us at the phone number below.

How does the Program work?

  • YOU volunteer your time at the Hershey Entertainment Complex, and; 
  • WE get $6 for every hour you work, and; 
  • YOU get one (1) Hersheypark ticket voucher for each shift you work! It's that simple!

Here's some more information:

  1. Most shifts are about five (5) hours.
  2. You get the voucher at the end of each shift and it's good for an entire year.
  3. You often get the opportunity to work a double shift. When you do, you'll get a break
  4. At really busy times, when the park has problems filling their schedule, they offer double or triple vouchers! That's right--you can earn two or three vouchers for every shift you work!
  5. You can work at job assignments at Hersheypark, Hersheypark Stadium, Hersheypark Arena, or the GIANT Center.

How Do I Become a Volunteer at HersheyPark?

Complete the entire form including your address and phone number so we may contact you!


  • Click here to go to our online volunteer database. Please make sure you fill out the entire form including your phone number. If you want to volunteer, we'll need to have a way to contact you!


  • Click here to go to our HersheyPark info page. You'll find there everything you need to know to volunteer--what to wear, when to report, where to report, parking, what departments have jobs... everything!
  • This information is very important! HersheyPark is very particular about these rules! They have very high standards for appearance and conduct--and so do we. Remember, you not only represent HersheyPark when you are there, but you represent us as well. We guarantee that you will not only earn passes at the park but will have a great time doing so!


  1. Since you've registered with us as a HersheyPark volunteer, you will receive emails from us now and then--but only now and then--letting you know about jobs. We don't send these very often, so it's up to you to check the below schedules.
  2. Go directly to HersheyPark's own calendar and find out what is currently available.  
    1. Food & Beverage - Click here
    2. Rides - Click here

Note: ONLY Food & Beverage and Rides have their own schedules posted. For all other Departments, you will have to rely on our posted availability schedule.

  • Dates in Black are single voucher shifts
  • Dates in Blue are triple voucher shifts
  • Date is Red is a filled volunteer shift - Waiting List is open


Once you decide on the days and jobs you wish to work, TEXT us your request to the following phone number:


This is a temporary fix until we have our new online database up and running.

We will need the following:

  • The Day and Date
  • The Place i.e. Hersheypark, GIANT Center, etc.
  • The job i.e. rides, foods, parking, etc
  • The START time of your shift
  • Your full name
  • Your Email
  • Your Phone number

We will acknowledge your request as soon as possible. If you don't hear from us in a few hours, please call that same number. We will CALL HersheyPark and try to get your request confirmed. As soon as we do, we will text you back. When we do, please text us back, letting us know you received our message.

  • that's right, WE'LL LET YOU KNOW

We will notify you by phone or by email if your request has been accepted by HersheyPark. You are not assigned automatically. If  HersheyPark does approve your request and we notify you, simply report to the employee entrance to the park 30 minutes prior to the start of your shift. You will be asked to sign a wavier on your very first shift and given a shirt.

  • here's the cool part--you get your hersheypark vouchers right away--at the end of your shift

YES, at the end of your shift! And those vouchers are good for one admission and they don't expire for an entire year. So, you, your friends or family have one year to use them. You can use them during the regular HersheyPark season, for HersheyPark in the Dark, at Christmas Candylane. etc.

Sometimes, they run out of vouchers due to demand. Don't panic, they are very good at postal mailing them to you. Just give them some time. If there is an issue, contact us

step 5. I've got a question or a problem, who do I contact?

  • If you have questions, or a last minute emergency and need to cancel, call Mike at (717) 686-7503. Please keep those calls to emergency or urgent calls only. Otherwise, email us. 
  • Remember, by signing up for the HersheyPark Volunteer Program, you agree to abide by all the rules of the program. And give away your first born. Okay, maybe not that one. :)

Additional Information

  • Please make sure your volunteers adhere to the dress code.  Giant Center dress code is different from HERSHEYPARK.  See attachments for details.  There is an update regarding wearing of jewelry, specifically watches.  Please ask your volunteers to take note of the change.  Make sure to tell your volunteers to return their aprons before they leave either the Giant Center or HERSHEYPARK.
  • Always keep in mind the vouchers earned for tickets are not to be sold, bartered or exchanged.  Please remind your volunteers that they will no longer be able to volunteer for Hershey Entertainment if they are found selling vouchers or their tickets.  
  • Remind your volunteers that if they request to leave their shift early, the hours paid to their non-profit group will be reduced and depending on how early they request to leave, their vouchers will also be reduced.  If a Volunteer leaves their position without permission from a supervisor, it is classified as a walk-off and the volunteer will no longer be able to volunteer to help your organization raise funds.
  • Employees in any department of HE&R are not eligible to volunteer for any non-profit organization.
  • Please remember ~ April 1 starts the NEW 2017 season! So ALL Volunteers must complete, sign, and date a new Volunteer Waiver and Release form upon their arrival prior to the sign in for their first shift.  
  • Shifts can be changed and/or cancelled as needed according to our staffing needs.  You will be notified if a shift is cancelled.  Make sure your contact information is up to date.


The following Departments regularly provide requests for volunteer jobs:

Food & Beverage: Assist catering staff with special group meals; assist in restaurants with prep work, basic cooking, serving customers, and maintaining general cleanliness. Some Organization Volunteers may be asked to handle money. Year round shifts are available.

  • Click here to read detailed job requirements for Food & Beverage jobs

Ride Operations: Assist operators at major rides, operate easy-to-run rides, enforce height restrictions and other safety guidelines, and sweep and maintain general cleanliness of ride area. Must be able to lift approximately 25-30 lbs. several times a day. 

  • Click here to read detailed job requirements for Rides jobs

Parking Attendant: Assist in collecting parking fees and identifying parking passes as guests enter the Hershey Entertainment Complex. Organization Volunteers must be able to handle money and be comfortable processing cash transactions without the use of a calculator or cash register.

  • Click here to read detailed job requirements for Food & Beverage jobs

Retail: Stocking and maintain cleanliness of shops, selling items to guests and operating a cash register. 

  • Click here to read detailed job requirements for Retail jobs (coming soon)

General Rules and Requirements for All Jobs

**Standard Working Conditions for all Departments: Organization Volunteers must be able to stand for entire Volunteer Shift and Organization Volunteers must be able to bend, stoop, and walk. Must be able to volunteer
in a variety of positions.**


  • Please arrive 30 minutes prior to the start of your shift
  • Once you have reached your respective location, you will be prompted to sign in. 
  • Signing In - Once you have met the Department representative, you will be asked to sign in.
  • Upon signing in, sign the Volunteer Release and Waiver Agreement (This is where age will be verified for anyone who appears to be under the age of thirty (30)) 
  • The Volunteer Temporary Pass will then also be completed by a Labor and Scheduling employee
  • At this point, all cell phones must be turned off or placed on silent. Individual Volunteers may not have electronic devices such as cameras, iPods, iPads, or any other device that would turn attention away from the Guest.
  • Once individual Volunteers are signed in and verified, they will receive all company issued items, temporary I.D. card, and their assigned location for the block shift. 
  • For further details of each Department’s respective check in process, please reference each Department Welcome Letter. 
  • Breaks - Volunteers will NOT receive a break when signing up for a five (5) hour block. However, if a Volunteer is scheduled for back to back block shifts, his/her break will occur between the block of shifts. 
  • Volunteers may not consume or purchase any item of food within the Park gates, GIANT Center, or HP Stadium. Volunteers are required to break only in the designated employee areas (please reference each Department Welcome Letter attached for details).


  • HersheyPark may be forced to operate on a limited basis; however, don't assume that you will not be needed. If your services are not required due to weather, or any other operational reason, Hershey Entertainment Complex management will contact Gemma's Angels as early as possible who will, in turn, contact you.
  • If your services are required and you cancel or fail to report, Gemma's Angels will receive no payment and may be removed as a participant in the program for too many of these incidents. In any event, please call Gemma's Angels for the time which you are scheduled to work if you have any questions.

Can I bring my children?

  • NO, they will not be admitted to the Park or an event without purchasing a ticket. If a child purchases a ticket and enters the Park or an event, they are not allowed to be in designated work areas.

Do we receive a break during our scheduled shift?

  • Breaks will not be issued. Since the shifts are all five (5) hours or less, breaks will not be available.

What do I wear?

Everything our guests see contributes to his/her impression of our facility; therefore, we ask that all volunteers present a neat and clean image. Although volunteers are not required to wear a uniform, we require that our volunteer groups still maintain a consistent look. Please read below for Hershey Entertainment & Resorts volunteer group appearance guidelines.

  • Pants: Khaki or tan colored pants, shorts, or Bermudas are acceptable. Rips, tears, or cargo pockets are not permitted. No jeans or capri pants.
  • Shirts: Park issued or solid white-colored polo shirt (excluding Food & Beverage) and name tag are required. Aprons and hair nets will be provided for Food & Beverage volunteers.
  • Shoes: Comfortable sneakers with covered heels are required. High heels, clogs, and open-toed footwear (including sandals and flip flops) are not permitted.
  • If a volunteer wears anything that does not comply with our volunteer appearance policy, they will be asked to leave.
  • See specific Dress Code info below


  • At the end of your shift, go to "Check In" at the Historic Hersheypark Arena.  

  • Once you've finished your shift, sign out. 

  • Once the individual Volunteer has signed out, he/she will forfeit their temporary I.D. and any company issued items if applicable. 
  • Once all the requirements of signing out have been satisfied, the individual Volunteer will receive one (1) voucher.
  • To get your voucher, you must hand the Volunteer Temporary Pass to a Labor and Scheduling employee, who will give you a single new voucher that is already completed with your information.  The new voucher will indicate the number of vouchers the document will be "worth". Example - If the shift worked by the volunteer was a triple voucher shift, the new voucher will be "worth" 3 tickets of the volunteers choice as indicated on the new vouchers.  The new vouchers will remain exchangeable in the Season Pass Office here at Hersheypark.

  • For further details of each Department’s respective check out process, please reference each Department Welcome Letter.


In conjunction with the employee dress code, Volunteers are required to dress in accordance of these policies. Below are HE&R’s dress requirements which are general and apply to all Departments. Please also reference each of the Department Welcome Letters attached for additional dress requirements.


  • For FOODS and RIDES, volunteers should wear khaki pants.
  • For PARKING ATTENDANTS, you may wear Black, Navy, or Khaki in color
  • Shirts should be white polo with no logo, emblem or message.
  • Specific departments may issue an apron, outerwear or other item to fit the occasion/work.
  • Attire must be clean, pressed, and in good condition without rips, tears, or cargo pockets 
  • All clothing should fit properly and be appropriate to the job being performed
  • Belts must be worn appropriately
  • Undergarments must not be visible
  • No use of earphones for any purpose
  • And--it shouldn't have to be mentioned--but no sleeping on the job.


  • Hair should be clean and combed with no excessive hair ornaments
  • Hair length must not interfere with performing job duties nor obstruct eye contact. Long hair must be secured and away from the face in food areas or anywhere that machinery is operated


  • Jewelry should not be an interference or distraction to the job being performed and must conform to departmental guidelines
  • Bracelets must be professional and traditional in style and color. (Rubber, leather, hemp or braided, etc. are unacceptable bracelets.) 
  • No more than two (2) rings per hand (wedding set equals one ring) and one (1) watch
  • Medical alert bracelets and necklaces are acceptable
  • Necklaces can be worn but must be tucked into your shirt while on duty 
  • Ankle bracelets and toe rings are not acceptable
  • Earrings can be worn however only two (2) per ear can be worn that are no larger than a quarter. Dangling earrings cannot be worn at any time 
  • Jewelry may be prohibited or subject to additional requirements at some properties or in some departments


  • Dress accordingly to weather conditions which include a jacket, fleece, or sweatshirt as needed. They must not have logos, emblems, or messages 


  • If a Hershey Identification Tag is required by the respective Department to be worn, it must be worn on the outermost layer


  • Shoes must conform to safety standards by providing safe footing with support to the ankle, offering protection against hazards
  • Shoes should be clean, brushed clean or polished, in good repair and appropriate for the work environment


  • When worn outside, sunglasses must be removed when speaking to Guests. Mirrored sunglass lenses are not permitted. Sunglasses shall not be worn in the evening or in areas where lighting is scarce
  • Volunteers may not wear sunglasses or tinted lenses indoors while on duty unless medically necessary


  • All visible tattoos must be covered 
  • All visible body piercings must be taken out or covered 


  • Volunteers are not permitted to roll shirtsleeves or pop the collars if the shirt has one
  • If the Volunteer chooses to wear a shirt underneath a company issued shirt, it must be white, free of writing, without a logo, and shall not extend past the uniform shirt's sleeves


  • Volunteers are not permitted to roll pants/shorts/skirts/skorts at the waist or bottom of shorts 
  • Failure of the individual Volunteer to comply with the Volunteer Dress Code will result in the Volunteer being turned away for the block shift thus forfeiting vouchers or charitable contributions for the non-profit Organization. Individual Volunteers must be made aware of the Volunteer Dress Code by the Volunteer Coordinator before the Volunteer arrives on property.

How Do I Get My Hershey Admission Tickets That I Earned?

Each volunteer will receive one volunteer voucher for each shift completed. Some shifts, depending on the demand for the job and shift, could receive double or triple vouchers. These better offers are listed on the HersheyPark job calendars. One voucher is good for one of the following choices:

  • One Hersheypark admission during the current season or
  • One admission to the current Hersheypark In The Dark event or
  • One admission to the current Hersheypark Christmas Candylane event or
  • One vehicle admission to Hershey Sweet Lights, seating 8 passengers or less only; ticket is valid Sunday - Thursday only

Vouchers can be redeemed at the Season Pass Office at Hersheypark. Call 717-534-3900 for the Season Pass Office hours. Please be sure to check the redemption date on each volunteer voucher as they do have an expiration date. Once the date has passed, you will not be permitted to redeem the voucher.