Our Leadership

From Our Founder

In the Spring of 1995, I ended a local event with a surplus of food. A friend mentioned donating it to Interfaith Shelter for Homeless Families, a new shelter in Harrisburg. When I dropped off the food, I was amazed at the work of the staff and volunteers of the shelter run by Catholic Charities.

They had no plans for a Christmas party, so I immediately offered one up. They also had no cribs as babies and toddlers were sleeping on blankets on the floors. No way could I let that continue, so I organized a drive for cribs.

Needless to say, I was "hooked." For over 20 years, we have conducted Christmas events not only for Interfaith but for three other Harrisburg shelters providing gifts for well over 125 children and adults. And, of course, a visit from Santa!

In working at the various shelters, we noticed canned and boxed goods in their pantries, but very limited fresh produce. We set out to change that.

In concert with the work of the Central PA Food Bank, we are determined to increase the availability of fresh food for the poor and homeless.

To that end, in 2007, we formalized our work by founding "Gemma's Angels," named in memory of my mother Gemma Rose Macchioni. In 2014, we became incorporated in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and officially registered with the IRS as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.  

We were on our way to greater things!

As an alumnus of Milton Hershey School, founded by famed chocolate king and philanthropist Milton S. Hershey and his wife Catherine, I learned about The Golden Rule--treat others as you would like to be treated. Iā€™m also a very proud alumnus of Harrisburg Area Community College which gave me a great education in business administration.

So, I not only honor my mother in doing this important work, but I also give back what the Hershey's so selflessly gave to me.

It is my sincere hope that you join me in this great endeavor.



Michael J Macchioni, President & Founder
Gemma's Angels Ltd.


Michael J. Macchioni, President & Founder - Hershey, Pennsylvania
Entrepreneur & Advocate for the Poor and Homeless

David A. Allwein, Vice President & Treasurer - San Antonio, Texas

Jon Bellem, Member - Enola, Pennsylvania
Co-Founder & President
Hospitality Operators & Professionals Society (H.O.P.S.)

Melissa Fritchey, Member - Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Director of Marketing and Special Events, York Builders Association.

Michelle Wiliard Hoffer, Member - Hershey, Pennsylvania
The Hershey Company

Jason M. Macchioni, Member - Yarmouth, Maine
Manager, Dispatch Operations, Custom Coach & Limo

Matthew J. Macchioni, Member - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Enterprise Project Engineer, Fusion Storm

Scott Schuyler, B.S., M.Ed., Member - Hershey, Pennsylvania
Houseparent - Milton Hershey School

Nelva Wright, M.B.A., Member - Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
City of Harrisburg Health Officer


Dr. Michael Baer, M.D.
Research Medical Director
Cotiviti Healthcare
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Dr. Daniel George, Ph.D.
Penn State Hershey
College of Medicine
Hershey, Pennsylvania

Tina Hornberger, M.S., R.D., L.D.N.
Harrisburg, PA

Dr. Alexandra A. Horwitz, M.D.
Penn State Hershey
Department of Pediatrics
Hershey, PA

Kimberly L. Jacobs, PA-C
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Christopher Keelty
Visiting Nurse Service of New York
Director of Individual Giving
New York, New York

Gary B. Macchioni
Manistee, Michigan

Benjamin Masters
San Francisco, California

Dr. Philip J. Masters, M.D.
American College of Physicians
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Hon. Michael H. W. Pries
Dauphin County Commissioner
Hershey, Pennsylvania

James Pronio
Lidl US
Pronio's Market
Hershey, Pennsylvania

Casey Saylor
Older Adult Project Manager
Mental Health Association of Maryland
Glen Rock, Pennsylvania

April C. Schneider
Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania

Jenny Murphy-Shifflet
President/CEO, Lebanon SARCC (ret.)
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Dr. Patricia Verdon, PhD
CFO The Vista School
Hershey, Pennsylvania

Marlene M. Welden
Hershey, Pennsylvania

In memory of Advisory Board Member William J. Altland (1942 - 2017)
Educator, Milton Hershey School
Hershey, Pennsylvania