Volunteer with Us--For Memories of a Lifetime

Volunteers are the lifeblood of any non-profit organization and Gemma's Angels is no exception. Dedicated volunteers are essential to the ongoing success of our programs and we offer many volunteer opportunities for those who want to “give back” to the community. Volunteerism is a great way to meet new people, learn new skills, gain insight, grow personally, and help build a better society.

We Need Volunteers and Volunteers to Manager those Volunteers!

How to Volunteer

First, click here to get registered in our volunteer database. This places you on our volunteer email list. When you register, you can choose among the following:

 This is a our Mobile Farmer's Market.

This is a our Mobile Farmer's Market.

  • Community Garden Volunteer: Help with our garden based at the Hershey Community Garden behind Penn State Hershey hospital. We need help weeding, watering, harvesting and general garden upkeep. 
  • Community Outreach Tabling: We conduct outreach for children and their families i.e. tabling at area community events, festivals, street fairs and the like. We also provide nutritional literature, fresh veggies (if possible) and a visit to our new Truck Farm Trailer.  Our mascots, Farmer Andy & Andrea, are also a project that is growing. If you want to be either of the mascots for the day, we'd love your help and have talking points all prepared.
  • Community Service Hours Needed: If you need community service, click here to find out more details.
  • Donate My Home Garden Produce: Got a garden? Click this to donate some of your harvest!
  • Fundraising Committee: We are planning a series of Farm to Table Tastings events. Select this to be involved.
  • HersheyPark Volunteer: You can earn free HersheyPark passes while making money for Gemma's Angels. It's a great gig! Click here for more info.
  • Holiday Events Volunteer: We conduct holiday Christmas parties at four area homeless shelters. It's lots of fun!
  • Mobile Market Driver: We need drivers for our Mobile Farmer's Market, especially during weekday hours. Got one day a month free? We'll take it!
  • Mobile Market Volunteer: Don't want to drive? It's okay. We need plenty of help in the back sorting produce, working with clients, etc. Even one or two days a month is great!
  • Reverse Food Truck: We don't make food. We take food! We show up at any event where there's people. It could be any community event such as a race, a fair, a festival, a sporting event--anything. The idea is that we give folks enough notice so that they will bring along some type of fresh produce. Typically, a good donation would be a bag of oranges, potatoes, onions, apples--any fresh produce! 
  • Send Me Your eNewsletter: We send you an email about Gemma's Angels news. Not very often, so don't worry about annoying daily or weekly emails. And we never, ever share your info.
  • Truck Farm Trailer Garden-on-Wheels: It's a traveling, edible garden-on-wheels that teaches young children the job of growing food. It gives them a hands-on look at the source of the food that fuels their growing bodies and minds. It can visit youth groups, camps, schools, etc. to deliver interactive and educational lessons about the benefits of nutritious produce. It's all designed to engage young people in healthy eating and to teach sustainability.
  • Volunteer as Needed: Just send me an email and I'll think about it. How easy is that? You can say yes to whatever you wish. No obligations!
  • Volunteer Mechanic (checkups only): We're looking for some folks to check the oil, check the air in the tires, change interior lightbulbs, coordinate work with our service garage, etc. Nothing extreme. 

Again, click here to get registered in our volunteer database.

 This little guy at Interfaith Shelter had a LOT to tell Santa!

This little guy at Interfaith Shelter had a LOT to tell Santa!

Mobile Market Seasonal Cookbook Project

  • Committee Persons are needed to help us self-publish a Mobile Market Seasonal Cookbook as a fundraiser. Recipes would include those based on using WIC staples and local, fresh fruits and vegetables with an emphasis on sustainability, making our cookbook very unique. Recipes would be tested at and in cooperation and assistance with residents of local shelters.

If you're interested in this project, call Mike at 717 298 0150 extension 5.