Our Amazing Volunteers

Our amazing, dedicated volunteers are what make Gemma's Angels the success it is today!

Volunteer Awards

Each year at our Annual Spirit of Gemma Awards Breakfast and Fundraiser, we honor not only our valued partners and members of the community, but our volunteers as well.

This year, we added a new award called New Volunteer of the Year Award to recognize a new volunteer who joined to help within the past year who has performed exemplary service. You can find more about them and the rest of those recognized by clicking here.

Very special thanks to Advisory Board Member Tina Hornberger for the trailer concept. Tina and her family singlehandedly built the garden using the commercial trailer. The results of their work is amazing!

Tina Hornberger, M.S., R.D., L.D.N.

Harrisburg, PA
Volunteer of the year - 2018

Click here to find out more about the rest of the 2018 Spirt of Gemma Award Recipients


All of our volunteers are unpaid!

Manager - Social Media
Melissa Fritchey

Office Manager
Julie Hunter

HersheyPark Volunteer Program Coordinators
Jill Carpenter, Deb Spencer, Matt Spencer

Events & Activities Photographer
Eugene Pasquale

Grants & Donations
Jeremiah Jones - Jenny Murphy-Shifflet

Interns - Summer 2018
Emily Pruden - Paige Finkenbinder

Coordinator - VolunteerSignup.com
Ruth Hansen

Database Entry
Adrienne Mohn - Eleanor Leo - Ruth Hansen - Deanna Weber

Manager - Volunteer Engagement
Jeremiah Jones

Website Maintenance
Jason M. Macchioni - Matthew Macchioni

Backyard Fruit Harvest Coordinator
Vacant - Call us!

Farmer's Market Recovery Team Coordinator
Vacant - Call us!


Fundraising Committee

We need your help! Contact us!


Tina Hornberger, M.S., R.D., L.D.N.
Program Coordinator - Nutrition Education Project

Spanish Translators
Dalmar Acevedo
Alex Cruz

Program Coordinator - Truck Farm Trailer Project
Tina Hornberger, M.S., R.D., L.D.N.

Panera Bread Program Volunteers
Deb, Harold & Matt Spencer - Ruth Hansen - Aran Rhoades - Jeff Stoudt

Donate-a-Tomato Volunteers
Jim & Cheryl Goldman

Mobile Farmer's Market Drivers


Jeff Stoudt
Ruth Hansen
Mike Reid
Scott Mateer
Matthew Macchioni
Mike Macchioni
Nelva Wright


Bob Shifflett
James Goldman
Jill Hunter
Stephanie House
Harold Spencer
Diane Lenovich
Jon Bellem


Mobile Farmer's Market Attendants

Guida McGuire - Tracy Brown - Kristy Shirk - Mike Macchioni
Gino Pasquale - Judy DeBor - Lynn Laymen - 


Guida McGuire
Mrs. Santa Claus - North Pole Hotline

Gabi Phillips - Lynn Peters
Homeless Women's Thanksgiving Meals Program

Lori Silar Zarefoss
Santa Bus Coordinator - Interfaith Family Shelter

Brenda Scott
Lourdeshouse Party Coordinator

Kelli Young
Evergreen House Party Coordinator

Cindy Myers Karlin & James Karlin 
Spirit of Gemma Annual Awards Breakfast


Michael J. Macchioni, President & Founder - Hershey, Pennsylvania
Entrepreneur & Advocate for the Poor and Homeless

David A. Allwein, Vice President & Treasurer - San Antonio, Texas

Jon Bellem, Member - Enola, Pennsylvania
Co-Founder & President
Hospitality Operators & Professionals Society (H.O.P.S.)

Melissa Fritchey, Member - Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Director of Marketing and Special Events, York Builders Association.

Michelle Wiliard Hoffer, Member - Hershey, Pennsylvania
The Hershey Company

Jason M. Macchioni, Member - Portland, Maine
Assistant Transportation Coordinator, Logisticare Solutions

Matthew J. Macchioni, Member - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Enterprise Project Engineer, Fusion Storm

Scott Schuyler, B.S., M.Ed., Member - Hershey, Pennsylvania
Houseparent - Milton Hershey School

Nelva Wright, M.B.A., Member - Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
City of Harrisburg Health Officer


Dr. Michael Baer, M.D.
Research Medical Director
Cotiviti Healthcare
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Dr. Daniel George, Ph.D.
Penn State Hershey
College of Medicine
Hershey, Pennsylvania

Tina Hornberger, M.S., R.D., L.D.N.
Harrisburg, PA

Kimberly L. Jacobs, PA-C
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Christopher Keelty
Visiting Nurse Service of New York
Director of Individual Giving
New York, New York

Gary B. Macchioni
Manistee, Michigan

Dr. Patricia Verdon, PhD
CFO The Vista School
Hershey, Pennsylvania

Marlene M. Welden
Penn State Hershey
Hershey, Pennsylvania

Benjamin Masters
San Francisco, California

Dr. Philip J. Masters, M.D.
American College of Physicians
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Hon. Michael H. W. Pries
Dauphin County Commissioner
Hershey, Pennsylvania

James Pronio
Lidl US
Pronio's Market
Hershey, Pennsylvania

April C. Schneider
Ahold USA, Inc.
Mechanisburg, Pennsylvania

Jenny Murphy-Shifflet
President/CEO, Lebanon SARCC (ret.)
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Amy M. Tobin
Realtor - Florida Attorney Realty
Cortez Vil, Florida

Volunteers helping load up at the Manheim Produce Auction. Over 1,000 pounds bought in one night!

Volunteers helping load up at the Manheim Produce Auction. Over 1,000 pounds bought in one night!