The Truck Farm Trailer Project

It's being built!

The Truck Farm Trailer will soon be completed and on the road at a farmer's market or an event near you! What is it? It's a traveling, edible garden-on-wheels that teaches young children the job of growing food. It gives them a hands-on look at the source of the food that fuels their growing bodies and minds.

Gemma’s Angels Truck Farm Trailer will visit youth groups, camps, schools, etc. to deliver interactive and educational lessons about the benefits of nutritious produce. It's all designed to engage young people in healthy eating and to teach sustainability.

The Truck "Farm" will actually be on a trailer similar to the one pictured above.

The Truck "Farm" will actually be on a trailer similar to the one pictured above.

Why a Trailer?

We decided that having a trailer would be much less expensive to maintain in the long run vs. having to maintain and operate a pickup truck.

We plan on making the twenty minute educational sessions directly engage children in the process by allowing them to plant seasonal vegetables and experiencing herbs and spices in a mini-garden in the bed of the trailer. The Truck Farm Trailer will become a vital part of our approach to generating enthusiasm about eating fresh fruits and vegetables.

To that end, we are also looking for volunteers to staff the truck farm trailer. An interest in teaching sustainability to children and encouraging them to learn the value of eating fresh fruit and vegetables as part of a good diet is particularly helpful.

The video excerpt above is from Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution showing elementary school students not being able to recognize basic vegetables. On our rounds to shelters, we sometimes run into the same thing. We want to change that by having a bowl of fruit available at each shelter instead of sugary snacks. Want to help us do that? Click here to go to our donate page.