Our Vision is simple--We want to change the way we feed the hungry.

OUR Mission

  • Provide fresh fruits and vegetables to homeless shelters, soup kitchens and food banks in Dauphin and Lebanon Counties, and
  • Encourage at-risk children and their families to make healthier food choices, increasing their access to fresh, local food and teaching them to live more sustainably. 


  • Poverty should never be an obstacle to eating fresh fruits and vegetables.

How we address immediate needs

  • We buy fresh fruit and vegetables from local farmers--or local gardeners--and distribute that produce free to soup kitchens, shelters and food banks using our new Mobile Farmer's Market
  • Using the Mobile Farmer's Market, we operate an All-Kids Mobile Farmer's Market where school-age children can pick and choose their own produce to take home to supplement weekend feeding programs and we add an educational component about nutrition.
  • We operate a Reverse Food Truck which appears at local public events and collects food (produce) vs. selling food.

How we work on long-term solutions to the conditions that perpetuate poverty

  • Good nutrition is a necessary, though not sufficient, condition for attaining and maintaining good health.  Good health is a necessary condition for being able to work gainfully, particularly in the manual occupations in which people living in multi-generational poverty are most likely--but not necessarily--are able to find employment.
  • We commit ourselves to developing and conducting educational programs for families and children to actively engage them in generating enthusiasm about eating local, fresh food and living sustainably.
79% of U.S. households purchased inexpensive, unhealthy food in 2014.
— Feeding America

Growth of Our Distribution Network

Our network of dropoff sites of food pantries, soup kitchens and shelters continues to grow

our accomplishments

  • Established a client list of nearly 40 sites including shelters, food pantries and soup kitchens that receive our fresh fruit and vegetables.
  • Developed relationships with several local farmers and wholesalers to source our produce.
  • Won a $20,000 Gaming Grant in 2016 from Dauphin County to start a Mobile Farm Market to transport our produce to our client sites
    • We've also established an All-Kids Farmer's Market which is available to visit school back pack programs, summer camps and food banks to allow children to choose their own take-home produce. This program will give kids a sense of responsibility and generate enthusiasm about eating fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Conducted Christmas parties at four area shelters serving nearly 1,000 homeless boys and girls for the past 22 years. 
  • Established the Donate-a-Tomato program allowing for home gardeners to easily donate their harvest.
  • Started an awards program called the Spirit of Gemma Awards recognizing groups, businesses and individuals who provide services caring for the poor, the working poor and the homeless.
  • Established the Farmer Andy & Andrea Project and Andy's & Andrea's Farm in concert with the Foundation for Better Health, which teaches school-age children about sustainability, the importance of farming and the importance of eating five fresh fruits and vegetables a day. PS, not to worry, look for Farmer Andrea soon!
  • Future Program Wish List
    • Assisting inner city-based residents to build their own gardens, both individually and as groups.
    • An interactive, traveling children's show featuring veggie and fruit characters promoting nutrition education designed for pre-school and elementary age children and summer camps.