Welcome to the HersheyPark Games Department!

We are pleased to have you and your Organization aboard! To assist you with information that is specific to this Department, please read this letter in its entirety and distribute it to all Volunteers who will serve in this Department.

Volunteer Dress Code

Volunteers are expected to follow these guidelines:
•    Pants:        

  • Must be Black, Blue, or Khaki in color
  • No Jeans, Capri, or Cargo pants
  • Must not have rips, tears, or cargo pockets

•    Shorts:        

  • Must be Black, Blue, or Khaki in color (no jean shorts)
  • Cannot be more than two (2) inches above the knee
  • Must not have rips, tears, or cargo pockets

•    Shirt:    

  • HE&R wardrobe issued uniform shirt will be provided
  • A white t-shirt can be worn underneath the provided polo shirt
  • The only alternative is a white polo shirt with no logo, emblem, or message

•    Shoes:        

  • Sneakers that cover the whole foot and socks are required
  • Shoes cannot be high heels, clogs, sandals, or open-toed 

•    Outerwear:    

  • Jackets and Sweatshirts should either be plain or contain a Hershey logo
  • All sunglasses should be non-mirrored

•    Hair:        

  • If your hair is shoulder-length or longer, it must be pulled back in a ponytail

•    Jewelry:    

  • Two earrings are permitted per ear, no larger than a quarter
  • ONE visible boy piercing is permitted. All other body piercings must be removed (nose, eyebrow, lip, tongue, etc)

•    Tattoos

  • Visible tattoos are permitted as long as they are not offensive 

•    Company Issued Items

  • Polo shirts must be returned by the volunteer at the end of their block shift 

Shifts Announcements

Available upcoming shifts will be announced and/or posted via Email.

Cancelling Shifts

If you are no longer able to fill the shift as scheduled, please contact Mike Macchioni as soon as possible at 717-686-7503

Games Department Cancellations - There may be times when the Games Department must cancel volunteer block shifts due to inclement weather or low attendance. If it is determined that a volunteer block shift must be cancelled, you will be contacted via email or phone as soon as the decision is made.

No Shows – If Gemma's Angels accumulates an abnormal number of no shows or does not actively call in individual Volunteer cancellations, we can be banned for the duration of our 2018 Agreement. So, it is important that you do your best to keep your schedule unless it is absolutely necessary.


When volunteering at Hersheypark, please park in the Hersheypark employee parking lot and report to the picnic tables outside of the Coaster Café (Employee Café) fifteen (15) minutes prior to the shift.

Checking In for Volunteer Shifts

Volunteers should arrive at least 15 minutes early and should report to the picnic tables located outside of the Coaster Café. In the event of inclement weather, the Games Department representative will meet volunteers inside of the Coaster Café for check in.

Once you arrive, you must sign in. If this is you first volunteer shift within the Games Department this season, you will also be required to complete a Volunteer Release and Waiver Agreement.

During the Check In process, each Volunteer should receive:

•    One Temporary Pass
•    One Hershey Identification Tag
•    One Polo Shirt

Job assignments include working in our skill games and in our arcade locations. Volunteers are required to work individually in our games and must be comfortable running a location alone. At check in, you will be sent to one of six (6) areas within the Park. Once in the assigned area, you will be given their game location. The areas are: 
•    Area 1A (Midway America)
•    Area 1B (Pioneer Frontier)
•    Area 2A (Founders Way)
•    Area 2B (The Hollow)
•    Area 3A (Kissing Tower Hill – Overlook Arcade)
•    Area 3B (Kissing Tower Hill – Outside Games)

Check Out from Volunteer Shifts

At the close of each shift, you must report to the picnic tables outside of the Coaster Café  and return:

•    One Temporary Pass
•    One Hershey Identification Tag
•    One Polo Shirt

Volunteers must sign out before receiving a Hersheypark voucher.

After all company issued items are returned and you has signed out, you will receive one (1) Hersheypark voucher.

Double Shifts

If you are working two block shifts in single day, you must follow all the steps outlined under Check Out from Volunteer Shifts at the close of your first shift. You may take a break until the start of your second shift then report back to the Check In location and follow the steps outlined under Checking In for Volunteer Shifts.

You may not consume or purchase any item of food within the Hersheypark gates. You are also required to break only in the designated employee area at the Coaster Café.

Department Specific Rules

When volunteering within this department, we ask that your Organization adhere to the following rules/policies:

  • Cellphones and personal money are not allowed on your person while in a Game Stand. We provide small cell phone lockers in our area offices that you may lock these items in.
  • You may not sit in their Game Stand unless approved by a manager.

If you have any questions, please contact Gemma's Angels at hersheypark@gemmasangels.org

Thank you for your participation in our HersheyPark Volunteer Program!


The Games Department