Welcome to the Retail Department!

We are pleased to have you and your Organization aboard! To assist you with information that is specific to this Department, please read this letter in its entirety and distribute it to all Volunteers who will serve in this Department.

Volunteer Dress Code

In addition the Standards outlined in your Volunteer Coordinator Manual, Volunteers are expected to follow these guidelines:

  • · Pants: Must be khaki, blue, or black in color. No jeans, capri, or cargo pants. Must not have rips, tears, or cargo pockets.
  • · Shorts: Must be khaki, blue, or black in color. No jean shorts or cargo shorts. Cannot be more than two (2) inches above the knee. Must not have rips, tears, or cargo pockets.
  • · Shirt: Must be solid color polo shirt or collared button down shirt. Shirts must be tucked in at all times. Undershirts must be white.
  • · Shoes: Must be close-toed shoes. Cannot be sandals, high heels, clogs, flip-flops, or open-toed shoes. You will be standing for the majority of your shift so comfortable shoes are recommended.
  • · Outerwear: See Volunteer Coordinator Manual
  • · Hair: Baseball caps and other headwear are not permitted while working in the Retail department. If you must wear headwear, please let us know in advance.
  • · Jewelry:See Volunteer Coordinator Manual

Shifts Announcements

  • Available upcoming shifts will be announced and/or posted via Email

Scheduling Shifts

If you want to schedule a shift to see if it is available, TEXT US at 717 820 5706 OR email at hersheypark@gemmasangels.org (text preferred). Once scheduled, you will receive confirmation via text or email.

If the shift is already full, the Volunteer Coordinator will be notified via email stating the Volunteer has not been scheduled because that shift is now full. The Volunteer Coordinator may also be given the option to place that Volunteer on the Waiting List should availability open up.

Cancelling Shifts

If any of your confirmed scheduled Volunteers are no longer able to fill the shift as scheduled, you may replace that Volunteer with anyone else who is already a HersheyPark Gemmas Angels volunteer. If they are not a volunteer, they can quickly become one. If you can’t find your own replacement, please contact us with the cancellation information as soon as possible at 717-686-7503, even late at night.

If a volunteer organization accumulates an abnormal number of no shows or does not call in volunteer cancellations, Gemmas Angels will be removed out of the program. Please don't make that happen.

There may be times when the Retail department must cancel volunteer shifts due to inclement weather, low attendance, or other unforeseen circumstances. If it is determined that volunteer shift must be cancelled, you will be contacted via phone or text as soon as the decision is made. We will try our best to provide ample notification in the event of a cancellation.


When volunteering at Hersheypark, please park in the Hersheypark employee parking lot

Checking In for Volunteer Shifts

  • Volunteers should arrive 15 minutes early and should report to the Retail office location. The Retail office is in the same building as the Season Pass office, under the old museum.
  • Once they arrive, they must sign in. If this is their first volunteer shift within our Department this season, they will also be required to complete a Volunteer Release and Waiver Agreement.

Check Out from Volunteer Shifts

  • At the close of each shift, Volunteers must report to the Retail office location. Each Volunteer will receive one (1) Hersheypark voucher unless otherwise previously determined that your Organization will receive all vouchers directly.

Double Shifts

  • If a Volunteer is working two back to back shifts, he/she must follow all the steps outlined under Check Out from Volunteer Shifts at the close of his/her first shift. He/she may take a break until the start of his/her second shift then report back to the Check In location and follow the steps outlined under Checking In for Volunteer Shifts.
  • Volunteers may not consume or purchase any item of food within the Hersheypark gates. Volunteers are required to break only in the designated employee area at the Coaster Café.

Department Specific Rules

When volunteering within this department, we ask that volunteers adhere to the following rules/policies:

  • Cell phones, smart watches and other electronic devices are prohibited while working in the park.
  • Smoking, tobacco products, and gum chewing are prohibited while working in the park.

Thank you for your participation in our Department’s Volunteer Program!