HersheyPark Parking Attendants

  1. Meeting place for Paid Parking Volunteers is the Fairway Building located by North Hockersville Rd., across from the American Water building. 
  2. The parking for volunteers for Paid Parking is in the Giant Center lot immediately across from the Fairway Building.  To get to the parking you will need to enter the main entrance of the Hershey Entertainment Complex, stop at the parking booth and tell the attendant that you are volunteering for Paid Parking.  You will then proceed to the first right after the curve on Entrance Rd.  Proceed back toward the Fairway Building.  You will also need to walk across the Entrance Rd. to the Fairway Building. 
  3. At the building you will meet the Traffic Support Supervisor/s in Paid Parking will give instruction and work location.
  4. Volunteers must know to which Organization they belong (please do not use acronyms and abbreviations - you should know the name as it was submitted on the Agreement form). We are "Gemma's Angels."

Welcome to the Parking Attendant position!

We are pleased to have you and your Organization aboard! To assist you with information that is specific to the Safety and Security Department, please read this letter in its entirety and distribute it to all Volunteers who will serve in this Department.

Volunteer Dress Code

In addition to the Standards outlined in your Volunteer Coordinator Manual, Volunteers are expected to follow these guidelines:

· Pants:

  • Must be Black, Navy, or Khaki in color
  • No Jeans, Capri or Cargo pants
  • Must not have rips, tears, or cargo pockets

· Shorts / Skirts:

  • Must be Black, Navy, or Khaki in color
  • Cannot be more than two (2) inches above the knee
  • Must not have rips, tears, or cargo pockets

· Shirt:

  • Must be a solid color polo shirt or button down shirt with no logo (HE&R logo shirts are acceptable), emblem, or message

· Shoes:

  • Sneakers that cover the whole foot are required
  • Shoes cannot be high heels, clogs, or open-toed

· Outerwear:

  • If rain is in the forecast, bring a rain poncho, jacket or appropriate outdoor clothing
  • No umbrellas are allowed
  • Please dress for all weather conditions

· Hair:

  • If your hair touches your collar, it must be pulled back in a ponytail
  • Volunteers may wear their own hats provided they are plain in color with no social or political messages or symbols

· Company Issued Items:

  • Traffic safety vest and apron, as inventory allows, will be issued at the start of block shift times
  • Both items must be returned by the volunteer at the end of their block shift

Shifts Announcements

Available upcoming shifts will be announced via Email.

Due to the ongoing business of the Hershey Entertainment Complex, any updates or new shifts will be announced through follow up emails throughout the season.

Scheduling Shifts

If anyone from your Organization is interested in filling any of the posted shifts, your Volunteer Coordinator should contact scheduling office at frvolunteer@hersheypa.com or (717) 534-8900. In all messages (email or voicemail), please always include the following information:

  • Group Name
  • Date and Time of the block shift you are reserving
  • Number of individual Volunteers for your Organization
  • The name of the Volunteers for your Organization

Once scheduled, you will receive confirmation via email or phone call from the scheduling office.

If the shift is already full, you will be notified via email or phone call stating the Volunteer has not been scheduled because that shift is now full.

Cancelling Shifts

If any of your confirmed scheduled Volunteers is no longer able to fill the shift as scheduled, you may replace that Volunteer with any of your other Organization’s Volunteers, however, you must provide the name of the new Volunteer to the volunteer coordinator prior to the start of their shift. If you can’t find an internal replacement, please contact us with the cancellation information as soon as possible at 534-8900.

Please note – Cancellations can come from the Safety and Security Department or from the Volunteer Coordinator.

Safety and Security Department Cancellations – There may be times when the Safety and Security Department must cancel volunteer block shifts due to inclement weather, low attendance, or a cancelled/re-scheduled event. If it is determined that a volunteer block shift must be cancelled, the Volunteer Coordinator will be contacted via phone as soon as the decision is made.

Organization Cancellations – If you need to cancel a Volunteer for a certain block shift, please contact as soon as possible at frvolunteer@hersheypa.com or (717) 534-8900. A Volunteer Organization will not be penalized for cancellations; however, it must be brought to the attention of the volunteer coordinator in advance.

No Shows – If a Volunteer Organization accumulates an abnormal number of no shows or does not actively call in individual Volunteer cancellations, the Organization can be banned from the Department for the duration of their 2017 Agreement.


When volunteering for the Parking Attendant position, please park in the Giant Center lot closest to the Fairway Building lot and walk across Entrance Rd to enter the Fairway Building twenty (20) minutes prior to the start of the shift.

Checking In for Volunteer Shifts

Volunteers should arrive 20 minutes early and should report to the location above, unless otherwise instructed.

Upon entering the Fairway Bldg. Office, please inform the Paid Parking Supervisor that you are here to volunteer for Paid Parking. A Traffic Support Staff Supervisor will then meet with the volunteer and transport them to the work location. At this time, the Traffic Support Supervisor will have the volunteer sign-in and complete the Volunteer Release and Waiver Agreement.

Please note, each time that a person volunteers for the Parking Attendant position, they will be required to complete a Volunteer Release and Waiver Agreement.

All volunteers must be 18 years of age or older. If you look younger than 18 please be prepared to show a photo ID to the Traffic Support Staff Supervisor.

Job assignments at the given work location include but are not limited to:

  • Assist in collecting parking fees and identifying parking passes as guests enter the Hershey Entertainment Complex. This can include field parking operations or toll booth operations depending on operational needs.
  • All Organizational Volunteers must handle money and be comfortable in processing cash transactions without the use of a calculator or cash register.

Check Out from Volunteer Shifts

  • At the close of each shift, Volunteers must report to the Traffic Support Staff Supervisor and return:

Company Issued Items

Please list all company issued items Volunteers must return: Traffic Safety Vest and Apron.

Volunteers must sign out before receiving a Hersheypark voucher.

  • After all Company issued items are returned (and the volunteer has signed out – if applicable), each Volunteer will receive one (1) Hersheypark voucher unless otherwise previously determined that your Organization will receive all vouchers directly.

Double Shifts

If a Volunteer is working two back to back shifts, he/she must follow all the steps outlined under Check Out from Volunteer Shifts at the close of his/her first shift. He/she may take a break until the start of his/her second shift then report back to the Check In location and follow the steps outlined under Checking In for Volunteer Shifts.

Volunteers may not consume or purchase any item of food within the Hersheypark gates, GIANT Center, or HP Stadium unless approved by Safety and Security Management. Volunteers are required to break only in the designated employee areas.

Department Specific Rules

When volunteering within this department, we ask that your Organization adhere to the following rules/policies:

  • Visible tattoos that are offensive or that do not meet HE&R standards must be covered.
  • Nose, lip and eyebrow piercings must be removed.
  • When “working” as a volunteer, you have to follow the same rules as the paid staff. No cell phone activity while you are working
  • No photos of each other or the guests. No sitting to talk to the guests.
  • Please do not bring valuables with you. There is no place to store purses or backpacks and you cannot keep them with you while you work. Leave your valuables in the trunk of your vehicle. You may wear a “fanny pack” to carry keys, money, sunglasses, etc.
  • You are permitted to bring a bottle of water with you to the work location.
  • Do not leave your assigned area unless asked to do so by your Supervisor.

If you have any questions, please contact Gemma's Angels at the below contact number and email.

Thank you for your participation in our Department’s Volunteer Program!


The Safety and Security Department