Welcome to the Attractions Department!

Volunteer Dress Code


  • Must be Khaki in color
  • No Jeans, Capri, or Cargo pants
  • Must not have rips, tears, or cargo pockets

Shorts / Bermudas:                             

  • Must be Khaki in color
  • Cannot be more than two (2) inches above the knee
  • Must not have rips, tears, or cargo pockets


  • The issued polo and nametag
  • Try to wear an undershirt that can fit the company issued polo over it
  • Blue HE&R logo polos from past seasons are still permitted to be worn


  • Comfortable sneakers with covered heels
  • High heels, clogs, and open-toed footwear are not permitted (including sandals)


  • If it is "cooler" outside, we suggest that you wear an outer layer such as a jacket or sweatshirt with no logos, words or pictures


  • If your hair touches your collar, it must be pulled back in a ponytail


  • See Volunteer Coordinator Manual
  • Company Issued Items
  • Polo
  • Hershey Identification Tags

Shifts Announcements

Click this link to check on shift announcements:  https://schedule.hersheypa.com/emp_portal/hp_rides/volcalendar.html

We also receive emails from HersheyPark during the week and will send you updates when we receive them advising you of updates, additions or expansions from single to double or even triple vouchers. Pay attention to those emails!


Please park in the Hersheypark employee parking lot and report to Check-In located in the Historic Hersheypark Arena at least fifteen (15) minutes prior to the start of the shift.         

Checking In for Volunteer Shifts

Volunteers should arrive at least 15 minutes early and proceed to report to Check-In located in the Historic Hersheypark Arena. Enter the building through Entrance 1, pass through the lobby into the arena area. Take the first ‘exit’ on the left. We will meet at the counter in front of the bulletin boards (not the counter with the computers).

Once they arrive, they must sign in. If this is their first volunteer shift within our Department this season, they will also be required to complete a Volunteer Release and Waiver Agreement.

During the Check In process, each Volunteer should receive:

  • One Temporary Pass
  • One Hershey Identification Tag

After signing in, the Volunteer must report to Lobby 1 (lobby area inside Entrance 1) to receive the issued polo, job location and assignment. Job assignments include but are not limited to:

  • Operating Kiddie rides to include measuring riders, assisting them on/off ride vehicles, checking seatbelts, and operating the ride
  • Assisting at larger attractions to include measuring riders and checking restraints and/or seatbelts

Upon receiving his/her ride assignment, the Volunteer will also be issued a Hersheypark polo for the duration of his/her shift.

Check Out from Volunteer Shifts

At the close of each shift, Volunteers must report to the Check In counter in the HP Arena location and return:

  • One Temporary Pass
  • One Hershey Identification Tag
  • One Company Issued Polo

Volunteers must sign out before receiving a Hersheypark voucher.

After all company issued items are returned and the volunteer has signed out, each Volunteer will receive one (1) Hersheypark voucher.

Double Shifts

If a Volunteer is working two back to back shifts, he/she must follow all the steps outlined under Check Out from Volunteer Shifts at the close of his/her first shift. He/she must take a break until the start of his/her second shift then report back to the Check In location and follow the steps outlined under Checking In for Volunteer Shifts for his/her second shift.

Volunteers may not consume or purchase any item of food within the Hersheypark gates, GIANT Center, or HP Stadium. Volunteers are required to break only in the designated employee areas.

Department Specific Rules

The safety of the Guests, Volunteers, and Employees are top priority. In addition to the ‘Cell Phones and Other Electronic Devices’ section in the Volunteer Manual, Ride Department Volunteers must also be aware that if he/she is observed at a ride with his/her cell phone/electronic device, that Volunteer will no longer be permitted to participate in the HE&R Volunteer Program.

If you have any questions, please contact Gemma's Angels at info@gemmasangels.org or at TEXT ONLY at  717 820 5706 or telephone 717-298-0150 extension 5.

Thank you for your participation in our Department’s Volunteer Program!


Gemma's Angels and the Ride Operations Department