Requests for Gemma's Angels:

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  • Kids & Family Outreach (tabling at an event)

  • Reverse Food Truck

  • Truck Farm Trailer

  • All-Kids Mobile Farmer's Market (Pack Back Program) 

Kids & Family Outreach

We take our dual mission seriously, which calls for us to "Inspire at-risk children and families to make healthier food choices, increasing their access to fresh, local food and teaching them to live more sustainably."

We do that in a variety of ways including conducting outreach for children and their families. We will table at area community events, festivals, street fairs and the like. We also provide nutritional literature, fresh veggies (when possible) and a visit to our new Truck Farm Trailer (in season and when possible).

Reverse Food Truck

We show up at any event where there's people. The more people the better. It could be any community event such as a race, a fair, a festival, a sporting event--anything. The idea is that we give folks enough notice so that they will bring along some type of fresh produce. Typically, a good donation would be a bag of oranges, potatoes, onions, apples--any fresh produce! After all, fresh produce is what we are all about!

Truck Farm Trailer

The Truck Farm Trailer is a traveling, edible garden-on-wheels that teaches young children the job of growing food. It gives them a hands-on look at the source of the food that fuels their growing bodies and minds.

The Trailer can visit youth groups, camps, schools, etc. to deliver interactive and educational lessons about the benefits of nutritious produce. It's all designed to engage young people in healthy eating and to teach sustainability.

All-Kids Mobile Farmer's Market

Our Mobile Farmer's Market, filled with fresh fruits and vegetables, will visit school backpack programs, summer camps, food banks, schools--anywhere there are kids! Children will enter the vehicle and, with the help of their parents/adults, they will have their own choice of fruits and veggies. We will also add a small educational component to their choice i.e. if we have tomatoes, we will have a small sign pointing out that tomatoes have Vitamin C, etc. We'll also have recipe cards in both English and Spanish that the kids can take home and cook with their family!

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