HersheyPark Volunteer Information

The following is information for Gemma's Angels volunteers working at HersheyPark. The information is extensive and should answer just about every question you may have. If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to call us at the phone number below.

How does the HersheyPark Volunteer Program work?

  • You volunteer your time at the Hershey Entertainment Complex, and; 
  • Gemma’s Angels receives $18 for 3 (three) hour shifts, $24 for 4 (four) hour shifts, and $30 for 5 (five) hour shifts, AND 
  • You receive one (1) Hersheypark voucher for each shift completed! It's that simple!
  • You MAY be asked to work a double shift. If so, you get two passes!
  • Note that during very busy holiday schedules or when the park is short of staff, HersheyPark sometimes will offer double or even triple vouchers for a single shift!
  • You will receive an email from us listing the available shifts and jobs.
  • You respond via email telling us which shifts/jobs you are available
  • We contact the park, ask for the assignment and get a confirmation back from them
  • Once confirmed, you report on the given date and time
  • You sign in, sign a release and will be provided with instructions by park staff
  • Volunteer shifts may be located at Hersheypark, Hersheypark Stadium, Hersheypark Arena, or the GIANT Center.

WHAT my the next step?

  1. If you want to be a HersheyPark volunteer for Gemma's Angels, click on the link below to register on our online email/database.
  2. Check "Work at HersheyPark as a Volunteer" and you will be on our email list for HersheyPark volunteer jobs. Please make certain to include your phone number although it is not required on the form.
  3. You will then receive an email from us listing the available shifts and jobs as provided to us from HersheyPark. We receive emails on a daily or weekly basis
  4. You respond via our online form telling us which shifts/jobs you are available
  5. We contact the park, ask for the assignment and get a confirmation back from them
  6. Once confirmed, we will notify you of the confirmed date/time
  7. You report on the given date and time to the park, you sign in, sign a release and will be provided with instructions by park staff of your duties for your shift
  8. You simply report to HersheyPark in the clothing indicated.
  9. Once we receive the vouchers for HersheyPark, they will be mailed to you. If you wish to receive them faster--and we have them in hand--you are welcome to call and pick them up at our office. 

Click here to register on our email/online database

If you want more information before registering, please contact Mike at info@gemmasangels.org or (717) 298-0150. 

By signing up for this program, you agree to abide by all of HersheyPark requirements.


  • Food & Beverage: Assist catering staff with special group meals; assist in restaurants with prep work, basic cooking, serving customers, and maintaining general cleanliness. Some Organization Volunteers may be asked to handle money. Year round shifts are available. 
  • Ride Operations: Assist operators at major rides, operate easy-to-run rides, enforce height restrictions and other safety guidelines, and sweep and maintain general cleanliness of ride area. Must be able to lift approximately 25-30 lbs. several times a day. 
  • Games: Assist in operating games; all Organization Volunteers must handle money and most games must be accessed by climbing in and out of two to three feet counters. 
  • Retail: Stocking and maintain cleanliness of shops, selling items to guests and operating a cash register. 
  • Utility: Pick up trash in the Hersheypark midways and landscapes. Wash down asphalt concrete walkways with fire hose, empty trash cans, wash sponsorship cars, and assist in cleaning the Hersheypark and adjacent parking fields. Must be able to lift up to 30-40 lbs. 
  • Guest Services (Used at ZooAmerica Guest Services Only): Will need to be able to work in outdoor location at Hersheypark/ZooAmerica bridge. Hand stamp and record guests entering ZooAmerica from Hersheypark. Ensure guests returning to Hersheypark from ZooAmerica have the proper hand stamp. 
  • ZooAmerica: Animal exhibit interpretation, hands-on learning tables, animal encounters, and assisting with special events such as Creatures of the Night and Scout Days. Organization Volunteers will need to be comfortable speaking with guests. 
  • Usher (Giant Center and Hersheypark Stadium): Checking guests tickets, showing guests to their ticketed seats and overseeing a section during an event. Organization Volunteers may also operate an elevator and maintain access control at various locations to ensure only those guests with proper tickets/credentials enter and exit. Organization Volunteers may also assist with guest surveys and distributing promotional material. 
  • Special Events (Treatville during Hersheypark In The Dark): Set up, prepare and give out candy to guests as they walk through Treatville during our Halloween events. Organization Volunteers will also control the entry to the area and ensure that guests only come through one time per day. 
  • Parking Attendant: Assist in collecting parking fees and identifying parking passes as guests enter the Hershey Entertainment Complex. Organization Volunteers must be able to handle money and be comfortable processing cash transactions without the use of a calculator or cash register. 

**Standard Working Conditions for all Departments: Organization Volunteers must be able to stand for entire Volunteer Shift and Organization Volunteers must be able to bend, stoop, and walk. Must be able to volunteer in a variety of positions.

where do i park?

  • Park at the employee parking lot (see map of park below) and please arrive 30 minutes prior to your shift. For Food & Beverage at HersheyPark, please proceed to the Coaster Cafe. For Ride, go to the Check-in Desk. Any employee or security officer will direct you.
  • Parking When volunteering at Hersheypark, please park in the Hersheypark employee parking lot and report to the Coaster Café (Employee Café) thirty (30) minutes prior to the start of the shift.
  • When volunteering at the Hersheypark Stadium, please park in the Hersheypark employee parking lot and report to the Coaster Café (Employee Café) thirty (30) minutes prior to the start of the shift.
  • When volunteering at the Hersheypark Arena (the old arena), please park in the Hersheypark employee parking lot and report to the Coaster Café (Employee Café) thirty (30) minutes prior to the start of the shift.
  • When volunteering at the GIANT Center, please park in the GIANT Center employee parking lot and report to the F&B / Usher Room inside of entrance 6 thirty (30) minutes prior to the start of the shift.
  • When volunteering at the Hersheypark Camping Resort, please park at the campgrounds in the parking lot closest to the catering setup and report directly to the catering manager to sign in and receive his/her voucher. If you are unaware of where these locations are, please ask security at parking lot entrances.

welcome letters from the Hershey venue departments

The following letters in Adobe PDF format are from the various venues where you will work. You can click and download or read the letters. They explain pretty much every detail that you will need to know. If you have any question, please don't hesitate to call us, day or night, at (717) 298-0150.

  • HersheyPark Food & Beverage - click here
  • HersheyPark Parking Attendants - click here
  • HersheyPark Retail - click here
  • HersheyPark Guest Services - click here
  • HersheyPark Rides - click here

Reporting for a Volunteer Block Shift

  • Once you have reached your respective location, you will be prompted to sign in. 
  • Signing In - Once you have met the Department representative, you will be asked to sign in.
  • Upon signing in, you will also sign the Volunteer Release and Waiver Agreement. 
  • This is where age will be verified for anyone who appears to be under the age of thirty (30). 
  • At this point, all cell phones must be turned off or placed on silent. Individual Volunteers may not have electronic devices such as cameras, iPods, iPads, or any other device that would turn attention away from the Guest.
  • Once individual Volunteers are signed in and verified, they will receive all company issued items, temporary I.D. card, and their assigned location for the block shift. 
  • For further details of each Department’s respective check in process, please reference each Department Welcome Letter. 
  • Breaks - Volunteers will NOT receive a break when signing up for a five (5) hour block. However, if a Volunteer is scheduled for back to back block shifts, his/her break will occur between the block of shifts. 
  • Volunteers may not consume or purchase any item of food within the Park gates, GIANT Center, or HP Stadium. Volunteers are required to break only in the designated employee areas (please reference each Department Welcome Letter attached for details).

Signing Out

  • Once the individual Volunteer has finished his/her block shift, he/she will sign out. 
  • Signing Out – Once the individual Volunteer is released by his/her assigned location either early or at the designated time, he/she will need to sign out. 
  • Once the individual Volunteer has signed out, he/she will forfeit their temporary I.D. and any company issued items if applicable. 
  • Once all the requirements of signing out have been satisfied, the individual Volunteer will receive one (1) voucher. 
  • For further details of each Department’s respective check out process, please reference each Department Welcome Letter.

Volunteer Dress Code

In conjunction with the employee dress code, Volunteers are required to dress in accordance of these policies. Below are HE&R’s dress requirements which are general and apply to all Departments. Please also reference each of the Department Welcome Letters attached for additional dress requirements. Please note that ALL Volunteers MUST be dressed in proper dress code or they may be asked to leave. 


  • Pants MUST be khakis
  • Shirts MUST be a white polo with no logo, emblem, or message
  • Each department may issue an apron or special attire or outerwear to fit the occasion/work.
  • Attire must be clean, pressed, and in good condition without rips, tears, or cargo pockets 
  • All clothing should fit properly and be appropriate to the job being performed
  • Belts must be worn appropriately
  • Undergarments must not be visible


  • Hair should be clean and combed with no excessive hair ornaments
  • Hair length must not interfere with performing job duties nor obstruct eye contact. Long hair must be secured and away from the face in food areas or anywhere that machinery is operated


  • Jewelry should not be an interference or distraction to the job being performed and must conform to departmental guidelines
  • Bracelets must be professional and traditional in style and color. (Rubber, leather, hemp or braided, etc. are unacceptable bracelets.) 
  • No more than two (2) rings per hand (wedding set equals one ring) and one (1) watch
  • Medical alert bracelets and necklaces are acceptable
  • Necklaces can be worn but must be tucked into your shirt while on duty 
  • Ankle bracelets and toe rings are not acceptable
  • Earrings can be worn however only two (2) per ear can be worn that are no larger than a quarter. Dangling earrings cannot be worn at any time 
  • Jewelry may be prohibited or subject to additional requirements at some properties or in some departments

Layering When It Gets Cold

  • Dress accordingly to weather conditions which include a jacket, fleece, or sweatshirt as needed. They must not have logos, emblems, or messages 

Name Tags and Identification Badges

  • If a Hershey Identification Tag is required by the respective Department to be worn, it must be worn on the outermost layer

Shoes and Socks

  • Shoes must conform to safety standards by providing safe footing with support to the ankle, offering protection against hazards, as well as conforming to company guidelines
  • Shoes should be clean, brushed clean or polished, in good repair and appropriate for the work environment

Sunglasses and Corrective Lenses

  • When worn outside, sunglasses must be removed when speaking to Guests. Mirrored sunglass lenses are not permitted. Sunglasses shall not be worn in the evening or in areas where lighting is scarce
  • Volunteers may not wear sunglasses or tinted lenses indoors while on duty unless medically necessary

Tattoos and Body Piercings

  • All visible tattoos must be covered 
  • All visible body piercings must be taken out or covered 

Shirts/ Uniform Tops

  • Volunteers are not permitted to roll shirtsleeves or pop the collars if the shirt has one
  • If the Volunteer chooses to wear a shirt underneath a company issued shirt, it must be white, free of writing, without a logo, and shall not extend past the uniform shirt's sleeves

Pants, Shorts, Skirts, and Skorts/Uniform Bottoms

  • Volunteers are not permitted to roll pants/shorts/skirts/skorts at the waist or bottom of shorts 
  • Failure of the individual Volunteer to comply with the Volunteer Dress Code will result in the Volunteer being turned away for the block shift thus forfeiting vouchers or charitable contributions for the non-profit Organization. Individual Volunteers must be made aware of the Volunteer Dress Code by the Volunteer Coordinator before the Volunteer arrives on property.

Click HERE to check on the availability of the various volunteer jobs at HersheyPark and the Hershey venues.